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"Rosenblatt gives a winning, funny and moving performance, imbuing the character with a native intelligence and good sense that are continually under siege from the self-doubt that is a byproduct of ceaseless mockery." -Charles Isherwood, The New York Times

"Fantastic ... Flawless"


"The most interesting character ... who argues persuasively for the virtue of the alien society, making it sound like a dreamy commune that has transcended war and dishonesty." 

-The New York Times

"...delicately draws out the quiet moments for a complex character who grows from bullied in Advance Man to bully in Blast Radius."

-New York Theatre Review



"...played with supple angst and longing"

- Theatre is Easy






"The real star of this production, though, is David Rosenblatt Jared ... Constantly fascinating he delivers perfectly in every moment of this one-act play."

- Berkshire Bright Focus 

 "'s Rosenblatt's Jared who just about steals the show capturing every nuance of this young man's quirky intelligence ... and ably employs humor to makes us see the wounded heart beat of this funny, etymology obsessed personality."

- Curtain Up 

"...the acting smooth and resourceful, especially in the case of Rosenblatt's Jared..."

- The Berkshire Eagle

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