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emmys 2020 - letting oddness breathe

I love awards shows- all the creatives getting together into a space to celebrate artistry. I genuinely believe the gratitude and grace that most of the nominees have. I don’t think you can get to that level of success without a deep dedication to the practice of being thankful for all the success, opportunity, and support.

For me, through the lens of an actor, who must be both thick skinned and soft hearted, I am particularly moved at actors accepting awards. On one hand, you have a human who is extremely in charge of their instrument and emotional capabilities- actors jobs are to ride the waves of their emotions in order to tell a story. On the other hand is also the DECADES (even for someone as young as Zendaya…) of work and struggle and sacrifice and near misses and ultimate success that has led them to this moment.

Highlights of winners really riding the moment and carrying all the current of the past were both Mark Ruffalo and Jeremy Strong. For Mark, it really seemed to be about the WHY behind his decision to be in this project. It is really inspiring to see an actor so connected to the WHY behind their willingness to spend so much time and energy on a project. Jeremy Strong seemed to really be in the shock of what winning an award like this means for a career- especially for someone who seems to take it as seriously as him.

Regina King, a veteran at winning awards at this point, is the epitome of combining poise and emotion. Her thanking of Damon Lindelof felt especially deep and truly heartfelt.

I thought Jimmy Kimmel was a great fit for the oddness of the ceremony and I think the key to his success in this arena is his ability to eat sh*t and keep going. For as polished up and slick as he is nowadays, his essence is a little rougher and looser, so it lends well to the kind of flexibility needed to captain this perpetually sinking ship.

Sterling K. Brown’s presentation of the final award of the night deserves its own award. The man just radiates joy and lightness. A master class in how comedy is rooted in truth. His joy imagining “this is us’ just won, coupled with the insanity that it wasn’t even nominated, then realizing he had an envelope in his hand, was all thrust forward so beautifully that when he shifted gears to embarrassment, it was all the sweeter and funnier.

Other highlights include ::

+Jason Bateman’s opening bit

+the fire bit continuing on after it should have...

+Schitt’s Creek epic back2back2back2back2back2back2back wins. Seriously. Lead actor/actress, supporting actor/actress, writing, directing, and comedy.

+Cord Jefferson (watchmen) for the best episode of TV this year, hands down. (also, his shoutout to consulting producer and a personal friend of mine, Brandon Jacobs-Jenkins was fantastic)

+Zendaya. (def need to get on watching the back half of Euphoria)

+Julia Garner comprehending that she just beat Meryl Streep …

and this dude...

not Damon, him ...

I'm grateful for the opportunity to get to watch these awards. I know it's a privilege to even have the time and energy to do so these days- when so many people are suffering, and struggling, and striving to help save this country.

I at once feel so close to an awards show like this- I can really feel what it would be like to be up there, yet when I look at my career, feel so very far away from it. The wild thing about this profession is how quickly the tides can shift. One job leads to the next leads to the chance of a lifetime. While the success isn’t overnight, the leap to the top can sometimes feel like a rocket ship ride in comparison to the slow and arduous climb uphill. I’m ready for the rocketship but am also prepared to keep climbing in the meantime.

Thanks for reading, hope you are well-


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