• David Rosenblatt


Hello internet! So the last 2 weeks have been pretty amazing! I wouldn't say we are at "whirlwind" status just yet, but def. pretty cool happenings.

First, I booked my first commercial here in LA. The product is for "Bluegrass Cellular" and in it, I get to play guitar in a fake garage band and also do some hand modeling. (I had to get a manicure before the shoot, lol).

THEN, I met with and SIGNED with Lemon Lime Agency so now I am a commercially represented actor! Woot Woot!

And the icing on the cake is that this weekend I get to open up the Greek tragedy HECUBA, with some of my oldest friends in the game at the STELLA ADLER THEATRE smack in the middle of Hollywood.

Good times! Full life!

More to come :)

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